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LFResetter(update 2-2-15)
First off, thanks. Works pretty good for me. Ran it a few hours flawlessly, and reset the trial like it was supposed to.

I went to work and came back a few hours later to a screen at the end of a battle saying I've been disconnected for inactivity. The LFReseter window said it was waiting for battle to end, which wasn't gonna happen.

I'm not sure what went wrong exactly. But I'm guessing the LFRobot trial somehow ran out mid-battle. I had my barracks boosted, which prolly messed up the timing.

Anyways, I don't know if this has been an issue with anyone else, but I would just like to suggest adding a secondary timer that resets automatically after say, 60 minutes, in case it gets hung up waiting for a battle to end.
I guess 20 mins is not enough time for training and searching for bases..
the purpose of the last update was not to restart during battles.

anyway, i'll bring back the timer feature so you can set it to whatever works for you.
my robot stops after every attack, it actually works well when was in 32bit windows 8 but when i switch to 64bit w8 it doesnt work well even if I set my Army Put time Interval Sad, is there anyone can help?
Sorry but LFresetter1.06 32bit not working for me ( Windows 7 32bit ) Sad

Only LFresetter1.04.1 can work
I'm running into the same issue as wsf357. It doesn't happen every time, but occasionally it'll just freeze saying it was waiting for battle to end, even when the battle is long since over.
use LFresetter1.04.1 until i fix this issue
Maybe set the reset after next battle timer to 30 minutes. With a auto reset at 55minutes. If the battle end doesn't trigger. This way even if there is some oos issues/maintenance/6h time out bot will still be reseting and should hopefully find its way back to raiding.
hxxpFacelineside/www.not allowed/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=8187&extra=page%3D1
hxxpFacelineside/www.not allowed/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7347&extra=page%3D2

lol get rekt guise
Fuck head who did that ^^ What a cumstain whoever reported that to the admins
Its been reported for a while. They have known about the try abuse for a long time. I actually have a key but doubt I'll renew after my 1 month. Bot is so bugged. I doubt they will patch anything to quickly(including the unlimited try exploit)

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