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LFResetter(update 2-2-15)
Uninstall lf robot and reboot pc. Try it again you'll get another hour free. If it keeps happening not sure what the fix is. Doubt they have patched it though
(02-01-2015, 06:18 PM)venom621 Wrote:  
(01-26-2015, 07:55 PM)skull1984 Wrote:  i click LFResetter 1.05, but it has icon on taskbar and no happen, no box to set time

(02-01-2015, 06:22 AM)SnipeMeNot Wrote:  Hi! Sorry if im out of line, new to this forum.
I was using the free trial from LF and when it was almost over i started the resetter (x64 system) it would let me do free trial but the start button's grayed out and i get this weird message when i press "try"

[Image: i0rT5Ji.png]

been trying to reinstall/uninstall etc etc also tried 32bit version! with resetter 1.4 and the newest one~! Help Sad

change your ip or use a vpn.

Do you understand what he said? I don't think that you understand it.
LFResetter always hide on taskbar when open it and i can't start program.
@3.D you might have a different problem.  try this LFResetter1.07.1 -
(02-03-2015, 06:12 PM)venom621 Wrote:  @3.d you might have a different problem. ┬átry this LFResetter1.07.1 -

awesome, it worked Highfive thank you so much !
servers are down
FYI when a program hides, you can press alt+space then click move. Use the arrow keys to move the window into view.

My laptop has a small screen size so some versions of LFResetter hide on it.
(03-26-2015, 07:32 AM)zalim61 Wrote:  Dont work lf 7.2.5 ?? Sad Sad

Same question here, does it work on version 7.2.5? And, my English isnt good enough to understand what lfresetter does, I mean, I know it resets the trial of lf but can I leave my PC on for ... Let's say 2 days and this program will keep resetting LFBot?
Dont work lf 7.2.5 ??

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