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works great ! did a test , and donations working great aswell.
only it doesnt deploy queen anymore

im running it now for a test a couple of hours , see if it works good
Testing atm will edit and see how it goes!
Soldier donation never guess. building nine village level.
how does the donate troop work on this one? Does it work like LF robot that can filter out text on the chat like whenever your clanmate ask the word "arc" it'll donate arc?
Ok works now , but 1 problem , can you change iT to check for more donation? Like iT checks more times because now he does iT only once..

Kind regards
Never attacks for me just skips even deadfish i think Facelineside oh wait you need the dll's right xd?
Hello, I just finished improving donate method with switch case and it's now compatible with many troops. I think it'll be available in next release Wink
Nice to see more people having fun customizing the bot... Rather than suggesting or complaining... DIY is the way to go!


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