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v5.5 Upcoming!
Sorry for lack of updates everyone, been busy with school recently and haven't been able to work on the bot that much. Don't worry though, the developers and I are working on implementing the algorithms that you guys came up with along with smart donation and better dead base search.

With v5.5, the developers and I have come up with a new way of organization for the bot that will enable many to contribute and help improve parts of the code without having to replace the entire bot with a new version. It will dramatically increase our rate of progress and hopefully surpass many of those commercial bots pretty soon!

Anyways, just wanted update everyone on what's been going on. Let's continue to keep this bot open-source and available for everyone to enjoy.
horay! i can't wait for it :D
oh yeah! Smile
you guys are awesome!!!
Great News ! Thanks for everything.. Thumbs UP !
Great Work .... is wonderful to see the progress since the first version .....
thanks bro for feedback and hardwork, may GOD bless u all
please check the dead bease becasue in u last version this function dosent work, anyway really thanks for u work!
Keep it up mate. Thank you!

Just a suggestion, if you have a donatation paypal it would be great to support the developers.

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