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New Member
New member here. Trying to learn how to modify an apk.
So far I know how to decompile an apk using APK Easy Tool in windows.
But it's hard to read the codes since it gives me smali files.

Is there a better way to:
decompile apk > get smali files > get java > edit java > recompile to smali > recompile apk?

can someone point me into right direction?

I like how APK Easy Tool works but it would be much better if it allows us to edit java files instead of smali.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

I get Java code from APKs via Enjarify. From there, I supposed you could recompile it to smali then APK. In my opinion however, I have benifited editing programs from lower-level control (Krakatau for Java and smali for APKs). Cheers.

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