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I am not a quite developer but I am actually lucky enough to find this club!So Thanks to the awesome guys for making this bot for free.As a Clasher I want these from the bot:

*Troops to be deployed somewhere near drills,pumps and mines.
*Not To waste troops by always deploying everywhere...Not to deploy troops when most of the resources are done from resources.
*I don't want my troops to go near wiz tower,So I don't want my troops to be deployed near them.
*I want to make sure my troops are getting ready too fast.So I want to first ensure that all 4 barracks of mine are training same troops that takes much time to get trained.(Like 2 wall breakers each)That goes for the Giants.So That All of my barracks finish training almost at the same time.

Suppose,I want 8 wall breakers...If they are trained in one single barrack that barrack will be busy all the time while other 3 barracks done training.

Stop using the bot and play yourself.. After all bot is just for us to save some time and not play like human and do everything.

What is the fun of playing the game if everything is done by bot. Might as well ask to help analyze and play clan war for us.
I know in future this bot will improve the deploying of troops like human.
I'm just waiting because i know is not easy to do that program ..
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4

thats funny dude.. Last one is reasonable, the rest is not.
Well what your asking is a lot. The bot is meant to play when u cant. So even if it only get 50% of the resources available for each base. You run it over night "8hrs", and make 3mil gold and elixer. It's still 3mil more than you would have had. The kind of deployment your asking for is a crazy amount of work, if it will ever even work.

I havent said anything on this forum, but ive been reading and learning. But this request is the silliest Ive seen.

Last night i started bot with about 1mil gold and elixer. I woke up with full storages. So I dont think anything as complex as your suggesting is worth the time or effort needed to code it.

I'm using Safar 46s mod. V5.
Max trophies: 2050
Deploy all four sides
1 barracks Barbs, 3 archers
Background mode
DeadBase search
Gold : 180 000
Elixer : 160 000

Im a maxed th9 except for walls and heroes. I have all lvl9 walls, and 40 lvl10 walls (farmed lvl10 using bot) in only 1 week. That mean i.farmed 120 000 000 resources in just over a week using bot for about 12hrs a day.

So all i can say is thank you to the developers. If I had any coding experience i would help, but I fear i have way too much to learn.

Thanks again
ok...I understand I've asked way too much...But what about my last request???Is that much considering the work??
We are all very busy. If we get to it we will get to it.

Agree .. and we are lucky even the developer busy in there personal life. They give time to improve the bot and also is FREE.

I dont like LFROBOT even i can pay $20 a month .. always down server. Is not good for 24/7.

In TBC BOT 101% no worry you can 24/7 bot ..
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4
i agree with LFboy too.

as much as i want to see all those features but i am happy with the bot now specially that it is for Free :D

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