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TH sniping algorithm suggestion
Hey guys, I will post here an algorithm suggestion in pseudocode, I don't know much about AutoIT. I got the idea while reading aras' suggestion .
This algorithm is meant for a shot at conserving troops while trophy pushing.

if TH = top corner
then use snipe_algorithm1

elseif TH = left corner
then use snipe_algorithm2

elseif TH = right corner
then use snipe_algorithm3

sample sniping algorithm:
Deploy 15 archers on the edge of the map
sleep 5000
while !1star and goldchange
sleep 500 ; waits for 1 star or gold unchanged (archers dead)
if 1star then surrender and restart bot
elseif !goldchange then exitloop

Deploy all troops around the townhall
while !1star
sleep 500 ; waits for 1 star
if 1star or timeout then surrender and restart bot

Basically what this would do is try to kill a townhall sitting in the corner with only 15 archers positioned right on the corner of the map so that teslas don't react. If it fails, it deploys all remaining troops around the townhall to try and kill teslas and other traps.

The downside is that it only works if townhall is in the corner and it may take hundreds of skips to find one in crystal league, but at least it tries to skip troop training time.
but I think 1 spot will easy to kill by mortar or any splash damage Facelineside
true, I didn't think of that. troops should be deployed on a wider area to distract splash damage, not just around TH.
you think we must training fully army to hit 1 outside TH?
(02-11-2015, 02:02 PM)reztars Wrote:  you think we must training fully army to hit 1 outside TH?

The point of this algorithm is to try and use only a few archers for sniping TH and to deploy more troops in case that fails. Perhaps it can be done in 3 or more troop waves, not necessarily full army from the 2nd wave, perhaps it could have an UI option to adjust the number of troop waves. At lower leagues you can use just a few archers to snipe, but after crystal II, it's really hard to find an outside TH without tons of traps and mortars, etc around it.

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