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My army didn't attack
Hello everyone ! I have very big problem. My army don't attack. I set 100 gold and 100 Elixir to the check whether my army attack. Unfortunately dosen't work. Can u help me ?
More Info pls...
[Image: undb7ohw.png]
when I want to attack bot looking for opponent but it does not attack
This program only change map don't attack
[Image: undb7ohw.png]
Operating System: Win 8.1
COC Bot Version: v.
BlueStacks (BS) Version: r
Screenshot of error with BS, error and the bot log: < This is not error but that is my settings
Brief Description Of Problem: My problem is don't attack my army. Bot only search village but don't attack.
Here we go...
What AutoIT Version are you using? Is the Bot running in x86 Mode?
And do you use the "Start Bot" or the "Search Mode" Button?

Try to minimize your settings pls, for example deselect "Meet Trophy Count", "Meet DE", "Meet TH Outside" and so on... just use "Meet Gold or Elexir" to see if he has trouble with all your Criterias
[Image: undb7ohw.png]
AutoIT3 version
yes. i use x86 cause i give this information
I use start Bot.
i deselect this and this is the same.
You need to reinstall Autoit and then when you compile as 86x your issue will be solved.

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