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Want to join Usergroup Reverse Engineer
Hello everybody,

Im Frank, I used to be very into reverse engineering but with grown up life situations i haven't had time. well right now im my life i have the time to catch up and help a community out. I have a strong belief of Opensource. why privatize something when a community can make a group effort and of course everyone would get the profits spit with donations. what this site has for everyone is key to success. Anyway back to this. i was in a semi know cracking group a couple of years ago called FoFF ( The continuity kinda left after alot of the software crackers moved on. I would like to bring some of my skills here to this website. Of course i have alot of learning to do to catch up with the new packers but i always love a challenge.
Do you have any examples of programs you've reverse engineered?
of course!

for example. simple auto it Reversed engineered.

Im working on a .net program also that im gonna reverse engineer. its another CoC bot because i know how popular the forum is about that.

just today im a little busy but ill put some time in it today.
Interesting, I'll see what the community thinks.
The more examples you can provide improves the speed/chance you'll get your rank.
have you got a github page or a page with a few of your projects?
[Image: 7rL6Nl0.png]
sorry for the quietness. Iv been a lil busy. anyway i took a little time to crack this chrome extension for everyone.
That's good enough for I suppose, I'll set your rank right now.

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We're a community focused on Reverse Engineering, we try to target Java/Android but we also include other langauges/platforms. We pride ourselves in supporting and free and open sourced applications.