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CoC Guard. Protect your village!
If you’ve played Clash of Clans long enough to get into the higher ranks, you may have already figured out that the game has a built in Inactivity Timer set at 5 minutes. If you use the standard lock screen timeout on your device you may never see this message, but many players turn off their devices timeout. This is because it is impossible to attack someone in Clash of Clans if they are currently active in the game.

Suppose you have a lot of resources and you don’t want someone to attack your village until you use your resources (by upgrading your structures). So you have to stay online in the game and tap screen a few times each minute. You probably get bored, you need a bot or an application to do this task.

This application helps you stay online in Clash of Clans and keeps game active, so nobody can attack your village.


-Ads free!

-Does not require device to be rooted.

-There are options for dimming screen during protection to decrease battery usage.

-Just simulating your tap on screen.

How To Use:

Run application then tap the start button, the game will launch automatically and a floating button (a Knight) will appear. Let the game load completely, now you can tap the knight to start protection. Tap the knight again to exit from protection mode. If you want to close CoC guard you have two options:

1. On main page of CoC guard tap exit button.

2. Long touch on the knight (about 1 second), another button will appear, tap new button to exit.(Make sure you are not in protection mode)

Important Tips:

1. During protection don’t use the power key.

2. Disable any kind of memory cleaner, speed booster and battery saver apps before running CoC guard.

Available on the Google Play

[Image: Available_in_Google_Play.png]
are you the developer? this is paid app, id rather use xmod and its free
Doesn't CoC servers automatically kick you for a few minutes if you are online continuously for too long?
Hence a bot like this wont be of much use...

I get attacked every time in those few minutes.. -__- *sad*

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