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What other games would you like to see bots developed for?
The community has been growing rapidly and we've noticed a very high interest in botting android games therefor we would like to know what other mobile games the community would be interested in botting.

= = = = Here to help. Pm if you need me. = = = =
Hi Fluke,

Thanks for your invitation. I'm looking for basically 2 things;

a; how to run the same app in many instances, one by one separately (not at the same time) in bluestacks.

b; bot for the gameforge game "War Game". It's not a very difficult app but server based. I can supply more info on what would be useful ie heal, attack, finish mission add allies

Posted a thread in this matter -

Here's an old script from usernetorg that was made for allies requests and invitations;

All the best!
Hay Day if its possible!!
i wouldnt mind seeing a bot for castle clash its similllar to coc so the bot shouldnt be that far of a stretch
>mobile gaming
top kek

would be interesting to see a Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD) bot
[Image: 7rL6Nl0.png]
urban rivals!
Racing Rivals pls!
I would love a bot that works mostly the same as virus do not click!! for the following games...
1. Jungle Heat
2. Iron Desert
Ogame, there are a bot, but it is paid and the way the game are not worth it. There was a Loader for that bot (Ogame Automizer) but was discontinued.
Pokemon TCGO would be awesome!

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