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2.9.0 Released

Ended up releasing it early.

02/11/2015 - Added ZStringArray String Decrypter. (Thanks Righteous)

02/20/2015 - Moved the decompilers/disassemblers around.
02/20/2015 - Fixed a resource leak with Krakatau Decompiler/Disassembler/Assembler.
02/21/2015 - Fixed regex searching if your regex search contained a syntax error.
02/21/2015 - Added the compiler/decompiler instances to the BytecodeViewer API class.
02/21/2015 - Sped up the decompilers, each view pane runs its own decompiler thread.
02/21/2015 - Added Janino compiler, you can now compile the decompiled source code inside of BCV.
02/21/2015 - Added the editable option for almost all of the decompilers/disassemblers.
02/21/2015 - Cached the next/previous icons and added a resources class for all resources.
01/21/2015 - Renamed EZ-Injection as File-Run, however kept the plugin named EZ-Injection.
02/21/2015 - Dropped Groovy support, added .Java plugin compilation instead (now only 10mb).
02/21/2015 - Added support for reading resources, including displaying images, detecting pure ascii files and more.
02/21/2015 - Fixed an issue with loading an already selected node in the file navigation pane.
02/22/2015 - Added an error console to the Java compiler
02/22/2015 - Ensured the spawned Python/Krakatau processes are killed when closing BCV.
02/22/2015 - Made it more beginner friendly.
02/22/2015 - Fixed? The file navigation search.
02/22/2015 - Added a shit ton more comments to non-api related classes.
02/23/2015 - Added APK resources.
02/23/2015 - MORE ANDROID LOVE! Added APKTool.jar's decode. (Takes a while so it's a setting, also pumped the jar back to 16MB)
02/23/2015 - Added close all but this tab menu.
02/23/2015 - Not really code related, but added _install.bat and _uninstall.bat for the exe version of BCV.
02/23/2015 - Back to ASM5, packed dex2jar in its own obfuscated jar.
02/23/2015 - Added the annotations back to the Bytecode Decompiler. (Once again, thanks Bibl)
02/23/2015 - It once again works with Java 8 Jars.
huhuhu thanks.
Thanks a lot man!!!
Lot of nice updates. Thanks!
Thanks a lot!

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