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My army didn't attack
I will have to reinstall and select 86x ?
I think it was very clearly...
Uninstall AutoIt and reinstall it!
(you can choose the default x86 yes, but you dont need to!)
And the compile the script in x86 Mode!
There are several How To's, use Search function!
[Image: undb7ohw.png]
But Bot was still running only Don't attack
how i have to writte this #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=Y where?
If you type this, he will be compiled in x64... You should compile it in x86!!
Open Script: COC Bot.au3
On the Top you can see the code you were looking for, BUT LEAVE IT AS IT IS!!!

Right click the script and click "compile script (x86)" or go any other way to compile... just like you want... google it!
[Image: undb7ohw.png]
#16 < look this is my problem.
You are doing something wrong. Did you run the BS registry file to change the BS resolution? If you go to the general tab you can see an output of any errors it is seeing. If you don't see any errors it's not the script probably. How are you running the script? I have full functionality when I right click the "COC Bot.au3" file and choose "Run Script (x86)". When I compile it I get some image not scanner error or something to that effect.

As mentioned before don't use to many search criteria. I have good luck with:
Conditions: Meet Gold and Elixir
Resources and TH: Gold 120000 Elixir: 80000 Maximal TH Level: 9
Attack Mode: Dead Bases

Everything else should be ok. You have to Locate your CC, Collectors, Trap, and Barracks as well if you didn't do that.

If that doesn't help I'm out. I downloaded the BS from the link. AutoIt from there webpage so it's the newest version. And the COC Bot from Announcements here.

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