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[HELP] Bypass Security Check
Hi guys, i need your help to bypass security on this game. i tried to bypass before but still no luck. always get 'detect security error' when open the game.

on MainActivity.smali :

.method public DetectAppFalsification()V
   .locals 2

   const/4 v1, 0x1

   .line 1327
   iget-boolean v0, p0, Lcom/netmarble/sknightsgb/MainActivity;->useSecureApp:Z

   if-eqz v0, :cond_0

   .line 1328
   invoke-static {}, Lnmss/app/NmssSa;->getInstObj()Lnmss/app/NmssSa;

   move-result-object v0

   invoke-virtual {v0, v1, v1}, Lnmss/app/NmssSa;->detectApkIntgError(ZZ)V

   .line 1331
.end method

nmssa.smali :
.method public detectApkIntgError(ZZ)V
   .locals 2
   .param p1, "bShowMsgbox"    # Z
   .param p2, "bExit"    # Z

   .line 105
   invoke-direct {p0}, Lnmss/app/NmssSa;->nmssNativeSendLogApkIntgError()V

   .line 107
   if-eqz p1, :cond_0

   .line 108
   const/4 v0, 0x1

   const-string v1, "Security Detection"

   invoke-virtual {p0, v0, v1, p2}, Lnmss/app/NmssSa;->AlertMsg(ILjava/lang/String;Z)V

   .line 109
.end method

Target APK :
On other game with this same security method i can simply bypass on lib files, but that method will not work on this game. i dunno why. i need your help.
did you try changing the if-eqz v0, :cond_0 to if-nez v0, :cond_0

in the MainActivity, change

if-eqz v0, :cond_0 to if-nez v0, :cond_0

in the nmssa, change

if-eqz p1, :cond_0 to if-nez p1, :cond_0

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